Many organizations are using benchmarking to understand what their facilities SHOULD cost and identify opportunities for cost savings. It is a very affordable and low risk way to see where you stand and learn ways to improve quality and lower costs.

We partner with Facility Issues to help organizations in six industries benchmark their facility costs and operations:

  • Utility Companies
  • Museums and Cultural Institutions
  • Research Facilities
  • General Industry
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Local Governments
Many organizations want help getting started, preparing their data, or evaluating the results. We provide flexible assistance as needed to help participants get the most from the program.

If you are in a mid-size organization, you probably have enough facilities/facility space that you need to plan your facility investments. But you also are probably without any technical staff dedicated to helping you organize and analyze your data to do this.

We have developed a low cost, intuitive system to help you have all your relevant information at your fingertips so you can make informed decisions quickly. We call it the Strategic Facility Guide and you can read more about it here.

An IWMS is a system with integrated functionality in the areas of space management (CAFM), asset management, and work order management (CMMS). It may also include functionality for project management, lease administration, real estate portfolio management, and sustainability/energy reporting. Organizations with larger or multiple buildings can realize significant benefits with the use of an IWMS.

Many organizations that are already using an IWMS, CAFM, and/or CMMS system find that it is a key part of their FM operations, but may benefit from a fresh look at how they are using their current system. There are many trends in the FM industry today to consider:

  • Increased scheduled vs reactive maintenance,
  • Increased use of mobile devices,
  • The changing nature of the workplace/workspace,
  • Sourcing and outsourcing of selected FM services,
  • Advanced building technologies and sustainability goals.

We are familiar with these systems, but not aligned with any specific system provider, so can provide impartial help with all or part of your IWMS system review, upgrade, or implementation project. We provide services from working with your staff to develop of the technical scope and justification, managing the RFI and/or RFP process, to implementation project management, and data assembly/cleaning.