RAL Technologies, Inc. was started to provide sophisticated computer tools for complicated facility siting projects. We provide consulting services on the use of data and technology for improved facility planning and operations.

We are a small business, so we also help other small business owners use technology with which we are familiar. We mostly provide services adapting "off-the-shelf software" to automate monotonous tasks and look for strategic information in volumes of data. Often some very simple computer programs can save hours of your time, or help standarize processes. To us the focus is not on the technology because it is "neat" but on how can you use these tools to be smarter or make your day easier.

We comply with the guidelines of the Upstate NY Better Business Bureau because we believe in ethical business practices. (We are no longer members just to save $.) We are also active members of our community and a member of the Marcy Chamber of Commerce.

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