Applied Software Solutions

There is more computing power available on the average desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smart phone than ever. Most of us use just a fraction of this power at our fingertips. We help small and mid-size organizations use readily available computer software and data to get more done faster and easier.


Applied Business Technology

A lot of off-the-shelf software is very powerful and economical, and can simplify your day, standardize your processes, and provide quick data analysis. Customized MS Excel applications, business data mapping, and some simple web site tools all can be effective for a small business. We also perform some ad-hoc consulting (contact us below).


FM Data/Systems Support

We provide data analysis, data management tools, and user support for facility information systems: (1) Scoping, implementing, or otherwise getting the most from your CAFM/CMMS/IWMS system... (2) Organizing available information to create agile/strategic facility plan... (3) Improving performance by participating in facility benchmarking programs...

RAL Location Strategies

Facility Consulting

RAL Location Strategies helps organizations plan what physical facilities they need, where they are needed, and how they can provide a competitive advantage. Visit that site for more information...