Is Synthetic Oil Better for Winter?

The major advantages are easier starts, and better start-up lubrication. Synthetic oil will maintain its low
viscosity (thickness) which makes it easier for your starter to turn the motor over. Even in sub zero weather your car will
turn over like its springtime. This saves the starter and battery from laboring in the extreme cold temperatures that are
torturous enough on them. Also because synthetic oil keeps its viscosity, it is easier to pump to the vital parts of your engine it
avoids what is termed “dry starting” giving it better lubrication to all parts of your engine faster. Is it worth the
money? YES, if it saves you from one no-start or from prematurely replacing your battery or starter, it has more than
paid for itself, not to mention the increased lubrication and protection you will be enjoying. The synthetic oils on the
market now are fully compatible with conventional oils so you can switch back and forth. Many people will use synthetic oil
in the harsh winter months and switch back to conventional in the spring.


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