Change Your Air Filter for Better Engine Performance

Why Change Your Air Filter – Because Your Engine Does Not Run On Fuel Alone

For every gallon of fuel your engine consumes, approximately 12,000 gallons of air passes through the air filter. A dirty air filter can result in loss of engine power and performance, poor fuel economy and increased tailpipe emission. A damaged air filter could result in unfiltered air entering the engine that could accelerate engine wear.

Key elements of an air filter are the filtering media, a specially designed and processed resin -impregnated filter paper to provide maximum air flow while trapping harmful airborne contaminants, and the plastisol gasket that helps to insure a positive seal inside the filter housing to prevent bypassing of air.

To help your engine perform at peak efficiency, it is recommended that the air filter be replaced at least once a year or every 12,000 miles. In dusty areas it should be changed more often. Attempts to clean a dirty air filter with compressed air, vacuum, by rapping or other means are ineffective, and could physically damage the filter, thus destroying your engine protection from airborne contamination.


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